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  • Is this course suitable for beginners?
    Yes, this course has lots of tips to help you get started if you've never worked with paper before. It includes information on how to use your craft knife and how to work with paper, including gluing and painting it.
  • What tools and materials do you need for this course?
    To make a paper mushroom you are going to need: Tools: Pliers (with wire cutting centre) Scissors Pencil Craft Knife Paint Brushes Cutting Mat Metal Ruler Glue Gun Paints PVA Glue Glue Brush Wire Tracing Paper Materials: Sheets of Paper (recycled or new) Tissue Paper A base for your mushroom An old Paperback Novel (there are additional instructions to make the fungi with sheets of paper instead of a paperback if you would rather not cut up a book!) You can purchase a tool kit from my online shop that includes all the tools you need to get you started.
  • I want to give this course as a gift, how do I buy it for someone else?
    If you would like to gift this course to someone you can purchase a course voucher or a tool kit to give them. This makes it easier for someone else to register their details as they will need to create an account with a password to be able to log in and progress through the course. You can purchase vouchers and tool kits in my online shop.
  • How do the gift vouchers work?
    The vouchers have a unique access code on that allows one person to register their details and start the course. They will need to sign up to the course and go through the courses checkout process where they will apply the access code to get free access. To buy a gift voucher you can purchase one through my online shop.
  • How do the Tool Kits work?
    The tool kits include a selection of the tools and materials you will need to get started making your paper mushrooms. There are two different sizes of kit and you can find more information about what is in them in my online shop. You can purchase the kit by itself if you've already purchase the online course or you can purchase it with a voucher included to gift to someone else. There is a drop down menu to chose if you want to include the voucher or not in the shop listing. The voucher will have an access code in it so the person you are gifting it to can access the course for free.
  • Can I buy the tool kit to use myself?
    Yes, if you are buying the kit for yourself then you can select the option 'just the tool kit please' in the drop down menu and sign up to the course separately through the Online Courses page. You will then be able to start reading through the course while you wait for your tools to arrive.
  • I've been given a voucher, how do I sign up?
    To access the course you will need to go to the online courses page: Here you will find the available courses. Click on the Making a Paper Mushroom course and then Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button at the bottom of the course page. You will be asked to register your details and create an account so you can access the course whenever you like. Once you have entered your details you will be taken to a payment page where you can type your access code into the box under ‘enter a coupon code’ and press the apply button. It will take the cost of the course to £0.00 and you can then press the ‘Go To Program Overview’ button that will appear.
  • How do I log in to my account?
    When you signed up to the course you will have been prompted to register an account and password to save your course details and progress. To log back into this account, click on the log in button in the top right hand corner of the screen and use the email address and password you registered your account with.
  • I have questions about some thing in the course, who do I ask?
    You can email me at with any questions you may have about the course or fill out the form on my contact page.
  • What if I need technical support?
    If you encounter any issues with a tutorial or require technical support, please contact me at or fill out the form on my contact page.
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