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HAY FESTIVAL WINTER WEEKEND | Installation at Hay Festival 2021

I was asked by designer Layla Robinson to create a collection of paper sculptures that could be suspended among the huge flower clouds she had created for the Hay Winter Festival. Working with Layla and local artist Jemima Stilwell, I created some large Oak leaves and Convolvulus Moths that could float in between the flower clouds and the paper birds that were created by Jemima. All the sculptures were made from book pages to reflect the celebration of literature and the colour scheme coordinated to match the season and local forage that Layla had used for her flower clouds. These sculptures were much larger than my usual creations and it was a really interesting challenge to create new work on such a scale.


Convolvulus Moth | Recycled Paper, Wire and wool | 80cm x 130cm | 2021. image: Layla Robinson.

Hay Winter Festival (details) | 2021.


You can find more information and examples of Layla Robinson and Jemima Stilwell's work on their websites:

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