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BIRDS OF THE USA | Keswick Hall Estate, Virginia, USA.

I was asked to create a set of 6 ornithology related frames, to be hung in the corridors of Keswick Hall, a hotel resort in Virginia, USA. The owners really wanted the hotel to have strong links to the outside and their surrounding area so I designed each frame to house a collection of paper eggs and feathers belonging to birds found in Virginia and across the United States. In total I create 147 different eggs and 45 different feathers which were mounted across the 6 frames.


Birds of the United States | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 60cm x 60cm | 2020.

Birds of the United States (details) | Recycled Paper, Wire and Thread | 60cm x 60cm | 2020.

frame6b-72 copy.jpg
frame3a-72 copy.jpg
frame5a-72 copy.jpg
frame2a-72 copy.jpg
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